Towards a position-based control

Progress Simulator

A joint integration work of IIT, Shadow and Tecnalia permitted to implement a first version of robot tip position control in the stiff-flop architecture. An inverse kinematic framework enables to deduce from a targeted tip location the needed modules configuration, under the constant curvature assumption.Each module desired configuration can then be transmitted to each module controller, in charge of computing the appropriate combination of pressures in the chambers.

This implementation has been validated in simulation, as illustrated on the figures. The desired tip location can be provided by any control device following the stiff-flop communication policy, and has been currently demonstrated with a regular joystick or with the Omega 7 haptic device. The next step is naturally to test that inverse kinematics onto the real system! The advantage of the modular stiff-flop architecture is that the current implementation could be easily tested on the real system as soon as a module pressure controller and a module tip position estimator are provided, independently of the internal techniques used for these two components.





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