Workshop on vision and integration

Workshop in Siegen

All project partners were invited to the STIFF-FLOP workshop organised by the University of Siegen (USIEGEN). The workshop was held 21th - 25th October 2013 in Siegen, Germany. The opportunity of meeting all project partners was used to arrange a scientific and technical management meeting.


The workshop started with a session adressing technical aspects of vision systems in general as well as the STIFF-FLOP vision sensor. To keep an eye on new technologies PMDTec ( was invited to present there latest low cost version of a time-of-flight camera.

The second day initial benchmarking experiments were prepared.Therefore all partners contributed by presenting the current work progress as well as by putting the parts developed by different partners together in order to prepare further collaborative tests.

As special guests Yoav Mintz and Paolo Pietro Bianchi, who are also part of the EAES Task force, attended the workshop and assisted the team with feedback from the surgical point of view.

In an invited session Bernardo Magnani talked about Product Development Strategy to support the team in the development of a product that can be introduced to the market.



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