European Surgical Robotics Demonstration Day

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For decades, advances in training, medication, sensing and instrumentation have progressed surgical techniques. Nowadays robotics are being looked at as the next means to further increase surgical precision, improve efficiency and push boundaries of surgical skill.


Currently still US-dominated, the European Union through its 7th Framework Program, is supporting research to catch up and overtake the lead in this strategic and highly dynamic domain.



On the occasion of a block review meeting of three leading EU-funded research projects took place in Leuven (Heverlee) during the week of 24 to 28 March 2014; it was our pleasure to invite interested external people to come and see the latest developments in surgical robotic technology in the domains of cardiovascular, microsurgery and minimal invasive surgery.


The three show-casing projects STIFF-FLOP - μRALP - CASCADE attracted a lot of interested people for a morning of hands-on demonstrations, followed by an afternoon workshop with distinct speakers covering various aspects of surgical robotic technology.


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