Virtual model of the STIFF-FLOP arm

Virtual Model of Stiff-Flop arm

The Foundation of Cardaic Surgery Dvelopment (FRK) has been active in creating virtual models representing the human abdomen as well as the STIFF-FLOP arm. Virtual Reality Technology is an interdisciplinary technology, integrating CAD/CAM technology, artificial intelligence, computer networking and sensor technology. It is widely used in the design and testing of mechanical models.

EON Studio is a software tool using graphical interfaces and is used for research and development on real-time 3D modeling applications. The method is used by FRK for the interactive virtual modeling of the flexible STIFF-FLOP robot arm and motion simulation with interaction between the model of the STIFF-FLOP arm and the surgical environment. The virtual scene reflects the real phantom model of the abdomen in frontal plane with elements of flexible organs like the colon, urinary bladder with urethra and iliac vessels. Using a virtual reality technology to plan surgery procedures increases efficiency of methods and helps to verify the design and concept of the STIFF-FLOP arm



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