2:1 scaled phantom models in frontal plane

Image of phantom models

FRK created a novel phantom model based on the anatomical shape of the human abdomen – a new feature is that the abdominal surface is made from PET (Politereftalan etylen) with different thickness and different numbers of layers adapted to optimally emulate the mechanical properties of the abdominal area of a patient.

Depending on the particular tests to be conducted the surface can be opaque or transparent, the latter allowing the researchers to observe the motion of the STIFF-FLOP arm and associated instruments inside the model body.

Another novelty is that this new phantom model can be adapted to explore different surgical scenarios: (a) the first version is equipped with a dome containing one trocar port to study single instrument proce-dures; (b) in the second version the dome is removed and special lateral clamping mechanisms are affixed allowing the mounting of universal arms with ports, tools and a camera. Aiming for a realistic representation of the abdomen and its content, flexible organ phantoms like the colon, the urinary bladder with ure-thras, iliac vessels and an anus were created from silicone and Urethane rubber (Contact Smooth-On, Inc.) by means of moulding.

The phantom model will be equipped with pressure/force sensors from HoneyWell, TSCDLNN001PGUCV 1PSI AXIAL sensors. The sensors will be placed at various locations within the abdominal region – locations include: below the bladder, on the sacrum, the iliac vessels, the aorta and the colon near the anus. All sensors will be calibrated to give force measurement results in Newton.


scaled models 2 

The new 2:1 scaled phantom models in frontal plane


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