Demonstration of the integrated system

illustrated photo of stiff-flop system

The STIFF-FLOP consortium successfully demonstrated an integrated STIFF-FLOP system in September 2014. Prof. Peter Brett (Reviewer) visited the CoRe Lab at King’s College London to examine the latest progress.


After the second review meeting in April 2014, consortium members have been working together at the Centre for Robotics Research, King’s College London to create a fully integrated STIFF-FLOP manipulator: The structure of the manipulator was changed incorporating an inner channel. Hence, pneumatic pipes, cabling for the tip sensor and the cauterization tool could be fed through this channel.


The STIFF-FLOP consortium was able to show cauterization tasks where soft tissue is separated using heat generated by high-frequency electric currents. Using a 3D mouse, the tip of the manipulator can be controlled in position and orientation. The operator can observe the pose of the STIFF-FLOP robot through the view of an endoscopic camera and in the ROS visualisation based on real pose data.



setup 2

The overall STIFF-FLOP system consists of an endoscopic camera, an RViz visualisation and the integrated STIFF-FLOP manipulator.



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