Euronotes 2015

Subsequently to the STIFF-FLOP Autumn School, EURO-NOTES took place in Turin . All participants of the STIFF-FLOP autumn school were invited to attend EURO-NOTES.

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 The EURO-NOTES programme was largely dedicated to the implementation of robotic technology for minimally invasive surgery, with particular interest in the use of natural orifices as gateway to the operating site. Speakers were chosen from clinicians and engineers to allow a debate on clinical needs and possible technical solutions in a very constructive way.

The event provided an opportunity for the about 140 attendees to deepen their understanding of surgical robotics and procedures, to share ideas and experiences. This generated the exceptional opportunity to bring together experts out of the field of engineering with experts of the field of surgery.


EURO-NOTES Speakers:

  • Silvana Perretta (France)
  • Andreas Melzer (UK)
  • Lee Swanstrom (USA/France)
  • KARL STORZ (Germany)
  • Giuseppe Ligorio, Olympus (Italy)
  • Young-Woo Kim (Korea)
  • Arianna Menciassi (Italy)
  • Kaspar Althoefer (UK)
  • Andreas Zerz (Switzerland)
  • Wolfram Breithaupt (Germany)
  • Andrew Currie (UK)
  • Nicole Bouvy (The Netherlands)
  • Yoav Mintz (Israel)
  • Thomas Horbach (Germany)
  • Christine Stier (Germany)
  • Jakub Glówka (Poland)
  • Tommaso Ranzani (USA)
  • Lawrence Ho (Singapore)
  • Carsten Zornig (Germany)
  • Karl-Hermann Fuchs (Germany)

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