Seminar “Haptics for Education and Training in Dentistry”

A seminar in the field of “Haptics” was held at King’s College London on May 29th, 2012. The purpose was to exchange experience between the Centre of Flexible Learning in Dentistry who is involved in the project hapTEL™ and Prof. Kaspar Althoefer’s research team which is with the Centre for Robotics Research.

Dr. Jonathan P. San Diego, project manager of hapTEL™, presented the overall aim of the project which is to design, develop and evaluate a virtual learning system and include haptic and synthetic devices. This hapTEL virtual system is to be used initially in dentistry with design focused on enhancing learners’ 3D perceptions, manipulations and skills, and to relate these to concepts needed in preparing 3D virtual tooth cavity. The devices will be integrated into the curriculum to evaluate the extent to which Technology Enhanced Learning can enhance the quality of learning and the kinds of pedagogical practices that will emerge around innovation with TEL.


Min Li and and Jelizaveta Zirjakova, two PhD student in the Centre for Robotics research, gave a talk about “Virtual Palpation System with Haptic Feedback” and “Simulation of Soft Tissue Viscoelastic Responses, Study of Tool/Tissue Interaction and Determinants of Probing Behaviour”. Part of their research will be of interest within the STIFF-FLOP project in order feedback forces of the STIFF-FLOP manipulator to the surgeon which is one of the novelties in this EU FP7 project led by Prof. Kaspar Althoefer.


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