STIFF-FLOP attends EU Robotics PPP MoU signing

On 18th September, the European Commission took the historic step of signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the newly-formed EU Robotics AISBL. STIFF-FLOP partners Shadow Robot Company were there, and able to demonstrate the first prototypes of the STIFF-FLOP integration platform.


The MoU is to establish a Public-Private Partnership between the Commission and EU Robotics. EU Robotics is a membership organisation, open to everyone active or interested in robotics research and development. The PPP will allow the two organisations to work together in the development of Horizon 2020 to ensure that Europe can continue to build on its strengths in robotics, as well as taking robots out into the world.
As one of 600 robotics-related projects funded by the Seventh Framework Programme, STIFF-FLOP were pleased to be able to show their early results. "The important thing about these prototypes for us is that, as well as being used in STIFF-FLOP to pursue our research goals there, they will also be useful to other robotics researchers to develop hardware more quickly and easily" said Rich Walker, Managing Director of Shadow Robot.





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